Tips for expecting mums in Dubai

Tips for expecting mums in Dubai

Yello expecting mum, it’s such a joy to be in this phase of life although it comes with some challenges.


You may be doing this on your own far from family or have friends support-group walking you along the way, whatever the case, we have your back.

✔ The first trimester comes with morning sickness, extreme tiredness and hormonal breakouts, as this is a crucial time any strenuous activity or massages are a big no-no. So it’s better to use this time to pamper your face by investing in a good facial or skincare routine that will help you maintain blemish free skin and a natural glow. Why not check out our pregnancy care services on the YelloChat app to help you cope with a safe confinement.

✔ In the second trimester hopefully your energy will be back and if lucky you’d leave behind the morning sickness too. This is the time when you must start applying skin nourishing and no scar (stretch marks) products as your skin elasticity increases. Make drinking a lot of water and juices part of your diet and don’t forget to include vitamin and protein rich foods as well.

✔ In the third and final trimester fatigue may return and you might also suffer from heavy legs, bloating, backache, heartburn and, to top it all off, anxiety about the impending birth. If there was ever a time to indulge in a spot of spa massage, this is it. Try a foot massage or light body oil massage to give yourself a refreshing boost.

We hope you find these tips helpful. You can always find a vendor for it all on YelloChat within the Beauty & Spa groups.

Also, whilst you plan for your baby’s arrival, don’t forget to check the YellowChat app group for Mother and Baby where you can get offers from local vendors on post pregnancy care services, baby care services and even have items delivered to your doorstep so you don’t have to do the running about.

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