Best Tips for Pet Owners In Dubai

Do you have a pet? 

Owning a pet in Dubai requires a lot of maintenance.

You need to provide regular care for your pets to ensure they stay healthy and happy. Here are some easy and effective top tips for Pet care:


Regular Grooming:

The harsh weather or being indoors in the AC all the time affects your pets furry coat. Make sure you put in place a regular grooming routine to maintain the hygiene and fur texture of your pet.


With most pets spending time indoors it is hard to provide regular activity for your pets. Exercise helps your pet release stress and stay happy. Investing in some pet toys is a great way to give your pets some much needed indoor activity and opportunity to tone their muscles and bones.


Pet Food:

Making sure your pet is well hydrated and provided with a nutritious diet is equally important. Check your pets water dish regularly and keep it filled with fresh water always. Food leftover by your pets dries out in the AC it should be discarded and refreshed with a new meal.

Health Checks:

Regular visits to the vet for vaccination and regular checkups are necessary to make sure your pet is staying healthy. Loss of appetite, inactivity or very vocal pets are all signs that you need to pay your local vet a visit soon.

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