All You Need to Know When Buying Car Tyres

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Here is All You Need to Know When Buying Car Tyres

The wear and tear of tyres in the UAE is a common problem for car owners. Often times excessive heat, high speed driving and off-roading causes serious damage to car tyres and you need to get them replaces to avoid accidents. 

We have curated a list of top tips that you can keep in mind when you make your next Tyre purchase.

Interpret the Tyre Code

Obvious but most car owners don’t pay attention. All tyres have a standardised code written on the sidewall that specifies the size, speed rating & other descriptions. An example of the code is LT 255/65R 15 95H M+S, know the code to suit your vehicle.

New vs. Used Tires

Used tires are not a bad option however you must ensure that they could have defects, punctures or tread wear that are not visible to the naked eye. Only buy used tires from someone you know & trust.

Do Some Homework & Read Tire Reviews

There are tons of Tyre brands that have tyres to match your requirements but reviews cover things such as fuel economy, how a tyre handles and how long it lasts.

Buy a full, matching set

Though you may be tempted to cut corners, and only replace the ones that are most worn out, modern suspension technology is designed to work best with a matching set of tires. By replacing all four at once, you’ll be able to maintain your tires better, evaluate and repair suspension problems before they become major, and achieve the highest degree of safety and predictable handling.
We hope you find these tips helpful.
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