Everything You Need To Know About The YelloChat App

YelloChat App Users

YelloChat is a new online marketplace based on simple conversational chat. Consumers can post an enquiry for any requirement in a relevant vendor group chatbot, and get a response instantly from local vendors with different options to meet your requirement.

  1. With YelloChat, consumers don’t have to search on different platforms, they can just ask (post his enquiry) in a relevant chat group of vendors who are dealing with the product or service category.

  2. Different types of vendors in the relevant product/service category will be automatically notified with consumers enquiries, and vendors will respond to consumers. Consumers get different types of solutions as they get responses from different types of vendors. For eg. One consumer posts an enquiry for a b’day cake, he/she get response from a big bakery, small bakery, individual home baker etc and all with ratings generated by the community.

  3. Consumers don’t have to call or check which vendor can meet his requirement, vendors who can offer specified product/service will directly contact through a simple real-time chat.

  4. Consumers can also see live flash deals, promotional material or details of product/service each vendor can offer as and when vendors post on the wall.

Consumers can simply type who or what are you looking for from the homepage to select relevant vendor group chatbot. They have to specify requirement details, when and where you need it and add pictures or videos if any. Consumers can also browse through an extensive list of vendor groups and select required vendor groups to post enquiry.

From enquiry to purchase, everything is happening directly between consumer and vendor, YelloChat is only a platform to facilitate conversations. YelloChat is completely free from commissions or hidden charges.

As a consumer YelloChat app can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. There are no charges to sign-up, post your requirement and to get response from vendors.

There are verified and unverified vendors in YelloChat, all verified vendors are with valid trade license hence they are under strict consumer protection rules of the United Arab Emirates. Apart from that, there are ratings based on the reviews given by other consumers who used a particular vendor’s service or product.

No. YelloChat wants to give consumers the best and all possible solutions for their requirement but all vendors in that specific group can respond to your enquiry including the vendor you know personally.

YelloChat Vendor Partners

YelloChat Partner is the mobile app platform for vendors who would like to get listed in YelloChat. Through YelloChat Partner app, vendors can do the following:

  1. Log in to the list in YelloChat for relevant business activities.

  2. Deal with enquiries coming through YelloChat using a real-time chat.

  3. Post real-time promotions to YelloChat anytime using a mobile phone with the app in it.
  • To get listed in YelloChat, vendors need to register as a vendor on the website –, or directly with the salesperson to get verified and then log in to YelloChat Partner app.

  • While registering on the website or directly with a salesperson, vendors will select the category of business and join the relevant business groups. Registration will be verified by our team and upon acceptance, you will be listed and published for the Yellochat users.

  • After the registration process on our website or directly with our salesperson, vendors can log into YelloChat Partner mobile with a valid active UAE mobile phone number. An OTP is provided through automated SMS and verified by entering the OTP.

Yes, vendors have to submit a valid trade license as per rules by the United Arab Emirates to run a business on any platform.

YelloChat is an interactive business media in digital platform in which vendors are listed in a respective category group to get all relevant enquiries generated by customers and deal with it using a real-time chat directly. Vendors can also post real-time promotions to promote their business and get enquiry through that.

No. YelloChat/YelloPartner is only an interactive business media in the digital platform to generate enquiries and for one-on-one communication between vendors and customers. YelloChat/YelloChat Partner mobile application or the promoter “Growgene Tech Solutions FZ-E” will not be responsible for business closure, payment follow-ups, and pay to or on behalf of vendors/any third parties/customers.

To Know More on different Terms & Conditions:

  • Please click on TERMS & CONDITIONS
  • Please click on LEGAL TERMS & CONDITIONS
  • Please click on PRIVACY POLICY
  • Please click on Cookie Policy

You will know as soon as any business enquiry for your services is generated and you are given an opportunity to deal directly with the consumers.

No. This is completely commission-free. Vendors will get direct enquiries from customers, they deal with it and convert it.

Follow simple steps given below to create real-time promotion and reach consumers

Tap on Promotions icon from the bottom taskbar

Tap on ‘+’ to add real-time promotion

Type in the details/description you like to

Select the picture from the gallery or simply click with your phone camera

And ‘GO’, your promotion is live now

No. Vendors can only chat with customers, they will not be given with customers’ phone numbers by default. Vendors can call only when the customer allows you.

Yes, vendors can list your business in more than one group subject to our approval while registering the account.

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